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Geoff Holt Accredited Programme

Equality and inclusion is about far more than compliance with the Equality Act or avoiding costly litigation. It starts with awareness, understanding, vision and a positive corporate culture backed by facilities and services designed to be accessed by everyone; delivered by people with courtesy and compassion.

With an increasingly ageing population and some 10 million disabled people in the UK today, it makes sound commercial sense to both recognise and prepare to meet the demands of disabled people and the £80 billion they currently spend each year. It is estimated that by 2033, almost a quarter of the UK population will be aged over 65 with 5% of the population aged 85 and over which will give rise to a proportional increase in people with disabilities and restricted mobility.

The commercial value of those with disabilities or restricted mobility and their natural preference to spend their time and money with those companies and organisations who truly cater for their needs cannot be underestimated.Unlike other disability awareness programmes, what makes our courses unique and differentiates our services from the rest of the market is their accreditation by Geoff Holt MBE.

Geoff Holt Accredited

  • The Geoff Holt Accredited Programme is committed to attaining the highest standards in the integration of disabled people into workplaces, leisure facilities, events, hotels, restaurants, public buildings and resorts / destinations
  • The programme aims to ensure that all participating companies and organisations can offer the highest standard of disability awareness, useable facilities and safety to all disabled users
  • Once accredited, clients have permission to use the Geoff Holt Accredited logo in their marketing

The Accredited programme has two distinct modules, Certification and Consultancy.


  • Certification is renewable each year subject to review which includes updates on the latest best practice and applicable legislation
  • Clients receive marketing rights to use Geoff Holt Accreditation in their own marketing programmes, including printed and digital media
  • Certification shows your customers that we have not only provided the training, but displaying the Geoff Holt Accredited ‘Certified’ logo gives them the reassurance that we have given you our seal of approval.
  • Clients of the Geoff Holt Accredited Programme will be identified and promoted on the Geoff Holt commercial website

Consultancy Services

  • Disability Awareness Training
  • Bespoke programmes around your requirements
  • Disabled people In the workplace
  • Marketing your business to disabled people
  • Facilities accessibility audit
  • Training the trainers

A ‘typical’ Geoff Holt Accredited Disability Awareness Training Package would cover:

Aims: Meeting the needs of disabled people, both customers and colleagues


  • Understanding types of disability and demographics
  • Addressing common misconceptions; attitudes and terminology
  • The impact of the Equalities Act
  • Identifying barriers and solutions for disabled people accessing your goods or services
  • Disability considerations in the workplace
  • Communication Workshops
  • Practical Activity

Training can be delivered on-site or externally. Many of our clients choose the activity element of the course to be held externally and our most popular activities are afloat on a yacht although it can be tailored around virtually any sport or theme.

Courses are generally held over one or two days with a maximum of 8 delegates per course per day.  Train the Trainer courses are held over one day and are for a maximum of 4 delegates.

A Bespoke Package would additionally cover:

Aims: Understanding how to improve facilities and services to be more accessible to disabled customers

  • Initial meeting to discuss project scope and agree objectives
  • Site visit for initial review of facilities including  the accessibility of entrances and exits, signage, parking facilities, movement on site, office layout, lifts and staircases, toilets, usability of services and equipment, awareness and attitude of staff, terminology and usability of promotional literature and websites
  • Interviews with key members of staff to gauge levels of disability awareness and appreciation
  • Debrief with written recommendations for adjustments to comply with standards and best practice including any further training of staff and/or site changes and equipment requirements

Because all clients have different needs and are operating at different levels of disability awareness, our courses are structured individually based on individual requirements. To discuss your options, please contact us by following this link.

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